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Meet the Council
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The Council consists of the general tribal membership and the executive body, Chair, Marcus Lopez; Tribal Administrator Starla Battiest; Language Committee Chair Steve Villa; Youth Representative Chimaway Lopez; and our Firekeeper is Art Cisneros. 

Steve Villa, Language Chair

Language Committee Chair Steve Villa is a captain of the tomol 'Elye'wun. Steve was a long time language apprentice. Steve is also active in cultural resources.

Tribal Administrator Starla Battiest

Starla Battiest is the daughter of the beloved and respected, now departed, Chumash elders Bob and Natalie Rivera. Starla Battiest assists the Council in many ways, helping to document the meetings and distribute information to Council members. Starla's knowledge and talents are utilized by the Council at meetings and at events.

Co-Chair, Captain, Marcus Lopez
Co-Chair Marcus Lopez is a captain of the tomol 'Elye'wun (swordfish). Marcus Lopez is a well-known community organizer and a KPFK host on the American Indian Airwaves radio program.